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The Tried and Tested Electric Cabling Service for Sydney

When looking for a contractor to help you repair, set up, disconnect, upgrade, or otherwise help you with your electric cabling, it pays to remember that a specialist will always do a better job than the next service. For homeowners in Sydney, Dave Fenech Electrical is that specialist; our qualifications as a Level 2 Service Provider and years of experience across our teams have given us a detailed, intimate knowledge of your electrical cabling and the infrastructure which supports it. We’re standing by to take your call, so that we can provide the fastest, most comprehensive, and most appropriate response to your cabling issues. 

Supporting a broad range of electric cabling services across Sydney’s suburbs

The team at Dave Fenech Electrical understands that different Sydney-siders have much different needs for their electric cabling, and we work hard to make sure that we stay as versatile as possible so that we can cover any work that you need us to do. If you’re moving, or renovating your current home, our team of qualified Level 2 Service Providers can help you connect or disconnect the property from your electrical mains. We can also perform upgrades to your service mains if you’re considering them; we will handle the installation of a new 3-phase power supply as well as any supporting infrastructure which might be required such as steel power poles. We can even relocate your point of attachments to better suit any work you’ve had done on the house. 

Meting out inspections to ensure your meter meets the standards

Our experiences show that electrical meters are a source of concern for a large portion of our customers. If you’re worried about the condition of your meter or you’re considering having it changed, call on Dave Fenech Electrical. We can inspect your meter to ensure it’s working properly and safely carry out any work or new installations to bring it up to standard. 

Trained electricians on call to solve your cabling issues

We keep our office well-staffed to take your calls, with teams of accredited workers standing by to get your job done fast. Get a free quote by calling (02) 9833 9566 today, or contact us via our online form.