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Your Friendly, Qualified Sydney Solar Metering Contractor

Do want to switch to a smarter, more efficient electricity deal? Do you feel like you should be doing more to help the environment? Are you excited by the idea of the power company paying YOU for electricity – you aren’t alone if you are! There are a wide range of reasons why Sydney homeowners have been looking into their options for smart solar metering, with thousands already taking the plunge and installing this new, greener technology.

While the current options can be difficult to understand at first, the qualified professionals at Dave Fenech Electrical will help you negotiate the solar metering solution that’s best for you and your home. As an accredited Level 2 Service Provider, our team of licensed electricians have a thorough understanding of the respective advantages of net and gross solar metering, and we can help you decide between these systems before performing the installation. 

Level 2 contractor qualified to install net solar metering equipment

It is often thrown around in discussions of solar power that solar equipped homes can “make a fortune” off their installations by selling excess solar power back to the grid. While it is true that solar meters offset power bills in this way, selling the power back is not always the most cost-effective way to run your meter. The important difference is in whether your solar meter is a gross or net model; you can ask your service provider which it is, or Dave Fenech Electrical can look at it for you.

Gross meters sell back 100% of the electricity they produce to the grid; essentially you are not powering your home with solar as much as you are offsetting your regular power use by supplying solar to the network. By contrast, a net meter will measure the electricity being used at your property against the amount being produced by your solar cells. Any power being generated locally will be used to supply your electricity needs before power is drawn from the grid. Although you are no longer selling as much power, this is often more cost-effective for the homeowner because in most cases the price you can sell your power for – the “feed-in tariff” – is less than the price you pay to use grid power, so using the solar-generated electricity yourself is better value. 

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